Monday, October 24, 2016

The Cursed - A 2-part story


Judy sat there staring at her glass of whiskey. The bartender walked over to her and asked her for the second time that night if she was fine. She had been sitting there with her first drink untouched for more than half an hour. On any other night, she would have been downing her 4th drink by now. But not tonight. Tonight was different. Tonight, she had done something horrible.

In her mind, she kept going over the events that took place not more than an hour ago. She was trying to rationalize that what had happened was just an accident. That she didn't actually mean to cave his head in.

She checked her hands from time to time. She had washed off the blood, but in the decorative red light of the bar, it looked as though her hands were still covered in it.

From the corner of her eye, she noticed a man slowly walking towards her. He walked with an exaggerated limp. His stink hit her before she heard him pull up and sit on the stool next to her. He took out a dark colored pouch from his pocket and placed it on the counter before her.

She looked at him and his dirty gray beard and felt a tinge of self consciousness wash over her. She unconsciously looked over her shoulder to see if her wings were showing. No. They were well hidden under her jacket, but they did make her look as if she had a hunched back.

“There are 15 of them in there.” the man said.
“That's 150 bucks,” she said trying to sound business-like and reached into her pocket and handed him the money. The man counted it, then proceeded to buy a bottle of rum and walk out of there.

She waited till he was gone and went back to her thoughts again. Her finger prodding the perspiration on the outside of her glass. She sighed and picked up the pouch and noticed a dark stain left on the counter in its place. She panicked and checked her hands again. No. Her hands were clean. It was from the pouch. She looked inside. There were baby teeth. As promised. But some had roots stuck to them. Some looked like they had scratches and fractures on them. And, there was just too much blood.

She quickly paid the bartender and hurried out. She came out just in time to catch a glimpse of the limping man disappearing behind a building at the end of the street. She hurried, but followed him at a distance.

A few minutes later, she had followed him to the familiar old house. It looked like it was 100 years old and could be knocked over by a strong gust of wind.

She didn't follow the man in. Instead, she looked in through one of the broken windows. She saw kids lying on the floor, huddled together, cramped for space. There must have been at least 50 of them. The man walked through them, stamping them and kicking them aside as he did so. On the corner were a pile of metal cups. The kind she had seen beggars use.

Suddenly, she felt her jacket being torn apart from behind her. Before she could turn around to see who or what it was, her face was forcefully pushed against the wall, and then she heard a loud crunch.

The little girl nudged her mother who was passed out on the sofa. Sometimes, if she was lucky, her mother would wake up. Today, however, she stirred and turned over, and in the process, her hand knocked over an empty beer bottle on the table next to her and sent it shattering to the floor.
“Judy! Why did you do that?? Go to sleep!” she shouted at the little girl, frowning, but with her eyes still closed.

Judy wanted to tell her that it was not her who knocked it over. And that it was not her bedtime. That it was just 7 p.m. But she knew better than to argue with her mother in her drunken state.

She walked into the kitchen and realized that her mother had forgotten to cook dinner. Again. She checked the cupboard and found few packets of biscuits. She took one of them back up to her room.

There was no sign of her father. But that was the norm.

He was one of the first employees at his company to opt for the graveyard shift when they gave them the choice. Judy always felt that he didn't make the jump for the extra money that it got him, but because he didn't want to spend any time with her or her mother. Nowadays, the only time he was at home were the 8-10 hours he spent sleeping. As soon as he was up, he would be out of the house.

Once in her room, Judy looked under her bed and pulled out her treasure. It was a story book that her mother had gotten her for her 6th birthday. It was a book of fairy tales. It was the only story book she had, and she had had it for a good 3 years now. Almost every night, she read the same story over and over again. It was her favorite one. The one about the tooth fairy. But on that particular night, something exciting was about to happen. She found out that one of her teeth was loose.

She had never felt so weak. Whatever it was, let her go for a moment, and she slumped to the ground. Her right wing fell on the ground beside her face at an awkward angle. She willed to lift it up, but it would not budge. Strong arms grabbed her up and turned her around. She stood facing 3 angels. They weren't bright, neither dark, but dressed in dull gray clothes, with their huge wings folded at their sides. She willed herself to levitate, but she stood grounded. She stood there helpless when the angel in the middle approached her. He grabbed her around her waist, and with his huge majestic wings stretched out besides them, they flew up.

Unlike tooth fairies, angels had really huge wings. But just like with the tooth fairies, it wasn't the wings what made them fly. The size of the wings was just a visual representation of status.
Judy had no idea where he was taking her. The other 2 angels followed them closely. Judy tried to wriggle out of his grasp even though she had no idea what she would do if she succeeded.

“Struggling wont help you. I have taken away your gifts,” the angel said.
She was scared. Was this happening because she killed a man? Or had her sisters finally caught on that she was lying to them all this while?
“Who are you?” she finally said.
My name is Charles. I have been contracted to find and deliver you.”
To whom??”

Charles opened his mouth to say something, but then
decided against it. He maintained a stoic expression to her repeated questions for the rest of the journey.
Judy looked down and saw the blur of buildings pass them by. Soon, the buildings and the electrical lights dwindled, and they were approaching the mountains. She saw shadows of beings atop some of the mountains. They were too dark even in the moon's unusually bright light to be seen. She could only see their dark shadows. Their wings were shaped in odd forms and the edges of their wings sometimes glistened as if they were the edges of swords. She had heard of these beings from her sisters. These were Lucifer's demons.

The little girl checked for the third time if her baby tooth was still under her pillow. It was. She went back to lying still, pretending like she was asleep. When she heard a creak, she gently opened one of her eyes, just a sliver, to see if it was the tooth fairy. No. The creak was probably just the tree outside her window. She waited.

About an hour
later, she heard it: A barely audible humming noise. She opened one of her eyes and saw a faint blue light wash over the wall opposite her. Then, almost startling her, an arm passed right in front of her face and went through her pillow as if the pillow was made of water. A moment later, it withdrew. It went back in the pillow a second time. This time with a coin and came out empty handed. Then, just as soon as it had happened, the blue light faded and the humming noise stopped.

The little girl sat up and looked around her empty room. She ran to the window and looked outside. Nothing. But then when she checked under her pillow, she found the coin.

Judy was too excited to sleep the rest of the night. The next day, she told everything to her mother, who was nursing a hangover and struggling to fix the breakfast. But she humored Judy as best as she could.
Since that day, Judy started to obsessively prod her teeth. But they all felt firm and stubborn. At times, she found herself sitting in her class trying to push her teeth out forcefully with her tongue. About 2 weeks later, she had finally succeeded in getting one of her teeth loose.

She placed it under her pillow
that night and waited anxiously.

The wait seemed to take forever. The excitement made every minute seem like an hour.

Then, she heard
it: The low hum. Just like before, she opened one of her eyes and saw the blue light wash over her pillow. Then the hand came into view. In an instant, she grabbed at the hand.

The tooth fairy jerked back
in shock. She flew back hovering in mid air with her small wings spread out in shock. She looked strangely at her hand that the little girl had just touched. As if the little girl had burnt it with her touch.

“How did you do that?” the tooth fairy
finally said.
The little girl, now up on her bed, jump
ed and hugged the tooth fairy, who once again just stayed suspended in mid air, shocked at what was happening, and unsure what to do.
“I have never been touched by a human before.
You are not even supposed to be able to see me. You must be.... special.” the tooth fairy said with a strange look on her face. Judy looked up at her. That was the happiest moment of her life. The tooth fairy looked back down at her, uncomfortably.
This is not right. I must leave,” the tooth fairy said gently removing Judy's arms from around her with the tips of her fingers.
“Take me with you!”
Judy said excited.The angel laughed.
I don't think we are even allowed to talk to humans.”
se!” Judy pleaded.
“Tell you what, I
shall talk to Clayton about your.... wish. But I must leave now. This is...... just....” the tooth fairy looked too confused to finish her sentence. She turned around and flew out through the wall beside the window in a hurry.


They landed at what looked like a cave entrance. 2 of Lucifer's dark angels, or demons as they were called, stood guard. As soon as they landed, Charles let go of Judy and she struggled to stand and fell down. One of the demons grabbed her by her arm with a very strong grip and hoisted her up. His palm felt like sandpaper against her skin, and she yelped out in pain.

“This concludes our deal,”
Charles said to one of the demons who grunted something in reply that Judy couldn't make sense of. The demon who held her up now was dragging her into the cave. It was dark inside with fire torches lit at certain intervals. Judy turned around to see if she can plead with Charles to get her away from there, but he was already out of her sight.

She was taken through a couple of
corridors and finally let into a room. The demon stepped out and rolled a stone over the entrance of the room closing it. She jumped at the stone and tried to push it away, but it was too heavy and wouldn't budge.

The angels were immensely strong. But even a tooth fairy like her wouldn't have had to use her strength in such a situation. If she had her gifts, she could have simply walked through the stone.

She looked around the room helplessly. Fire burned at one end of the room providing light and heat. There were also 2 fire torches on the walls. There was no window, but she found holes in the walls. They ran deep, like tiny tunnels. She guessed they were the ventilatory system keeping the fires burning. Taking up most of the space in the room was a huge bed in the middle. It was spread lavishly with pillows, and bedsheets that looked like they were made of pure gold.

She inspected the walls and attempted passing her hand through them, but failed again.

She sat down on the bed defeated and tried to twist her head around enough to be able to inspect her right wing. The main bone at the top which would hold up the wing was broken and looked like a bent sugercane.
She heard the stone roll away at the entrance and in came a man. No wings. No demonic looks. Just a normal human being. He looked stunned at seeing her. As if he wasn't expecting her. The stone rolled back trapping them both inside.

The man stepped closer to her. He wore nothing but a bathrobe. Judy looked at his face. He was very attractive. The man took a few more steps towards her as if to take a closer look at her. He hesitatingly touched her shoulder. A few moments later, he took her hands in his and looked at them in awe.

She looked into his eyes and felt mesmerized. She had questions. So many questions. She opened her mouth to ask one of them, when, without warning, he ripped her clothes away in one swift motion of his hand. Her clothes lay on the floor in shreds. She gasped and wrapped her arms around her. Of course, if it was any other tooth fairy, there would be no shame, nothing to hide. But she was different. The truth is, she hadn't always been a tooth fairy. And, early on, she had found out how her body was different from her sisters, and she had always instinctively learned to cover herself up when she was among them. And now, she was naked, with a stranger.

The man looked down at her naked body, inspecting it, with a frown on his face. Then, almost business-like, he loosened his robe and let it slip down to the floor. They stood there looking at each others naked bodies. The man gently held her by the elbow and guided her towards the bed.
On the bed, Judy still had her arms crossed. The man caressed her and started kissing her on her stomach and gently ran his tongue over her skin. She felt herself shudder. She was confused and anxious at what was happening. The man slowly moved up towards her breasts and gently took hold of her arms and moved them out of the way.

Even though Judy had no idea about what she was feeling, she had come across humans doing exactly this. The first time she had accidentally run in on the parents of a kid making love, she was confused. Later, she had gotten curious. There was something really weird about the act. Just watching them do it had made her feel something strange within her. Like it awoke some deep, locked away emotion.

She had asked Daisy about it. Daisy told her it was just something humans did to satisfy their instinctive need and it kept their species going.

Judy found herself stopping and watching whenever she came across humans making love. And later, she had began to actively search and find humans making love and watch them. But she never told this to Daisy. She was afraid she wouldn't understand.

The man was now kissing her neck and slowly moved up to her mouth. He gently bit her lower lip, all the while caressing her, and she caught herself moaning. But then she let out a yelp when she felt him enter her.

It had been 2 weeks. There was no sign of the tooth fairy. But the little girl never gave up hope. She would stay up as long as she could at night, waiting. Her teachers were starting to complain to her mom that she was nodding off in class. Fortunately for her, her mother would forgot about the conversation as soon as it was over.

Judy would hear her parents argue and things shattering as they threw it at each other. The fights would usually end with her father storming out of the house and slamming the door behind him. Judy prayed fervently that the tooth fairy would come back soon and take her away.

Then, one day, she woke up to someone screaming. She found herself sitting on the school playground having nodded off. The source of the scream was Pete, a boy from her class, who now lay on the ground, face down, beside the monkey bars. It looked like he had fallen off it. He had fallen within the sand area of the play area except for his head which unfortunately lay on the concrete bordering the play area. It almost looked as if he intentionally pushed himself far enough away from the monkey bars when he jumped so as to get his face smashed on the concrete.

The teacher picked Pete up. He had cut his lip and was bleeding from his mouth. All the kids cringed at the blood. Judy followed them as he was taken to the school nurse. She watched as the nurse examined him and found one of his teeth loose. And that's when she had an idea. She could jump from the monkey bar too! She could aim her mouth at the concrete and can end up with a broken teeth. And then, the tooth fairy will 'have' to visit her!
An hour later, Judy was in the nurse's office with a bloodied face, but she held her tooth safely in her hands, and she couldn't help but have a bloody smile on her face.

Her mom came over and picked her up. The nurse told her that Judy was fine, but that it was better to get her checked up by a doctor. But her mother had to decide between that or a pack of beer.

After stopping at the supermarket, they went home.

Judy went to her room excited and placed the tooth under her pillow.

She must have fallen asleep sometime because she was woken up by someone nudging her. She saw the tooth fairy sitting on the bed beside her. Her blue tinged light filled the room.
“You are back!” said Judy and, once again, hugged the fairy.
“I brought your request to the attention of the head fairy, and we have been...... watching you. We saw what you did today.”
“Are you going to take me to fairyland??” Judy quipped.
“After what happened today, Clayton has agreed that I can take you there, but you must promise us one thing: Once I take you to Commissure today, you will never ever do anything like you did today.”
“I promise!!”
The tooth fairy smiled, then passed her fingers through the little girl's hair. She took hold of her hand, and Judy felt her entire body vibrating to a low hum. She looked down at her bed and realized she was now floating about a feet above it. The next thing she knew, they passed right through the wall beside her window and flew up into the starry sky.

Judy looked down and saw the tiny buildings. They looked like they were made from Lego blocks that she had at her school.
Without warning, a bright light enveloped them, and the next thing she saw was a city floating on what looked like clouds. Judy wasn't sure if it was the fairyland, because unlike in the book where the illustrations showed the fairyland to be a colorful land of rainbows and where everything was made of candy, this just looked like an ordinary city. There were blocks of what looked like houses. They looked well planned and organized. They flew over the city, and she saw tooth fairies, lots of them, on the ground. They all looked up at them, and she even heard some of them cheer.

In the middle of the city was a huge structure, and in front of its entrance stood a fairy who glowed golden.

They landed in front of her.
“Welcome, little one,” said the golden tooth fairy, who was Clayton.

It hurt. It was alien. Every time he held her down and thrust himself into her, it hurt even more. She struggled to get out from under him, but he held her down even harder. He started thrusting her more rapidly. A minute later, he started grunting, and it kept getting louder and louder to the point where he finally shouted out something in a strange language and shuddered in climax. It was at that moment that he had a moment of weakness. Just for a second, his face betrayed him, and it turned demonic. She had heard about this. Angels and demons have the power to disguise themselves as humans. Unlike tooth fairies. Because of which she had to resort to wearing jackets to keep her wings hidden.

The man rolled away from her and lay down beside her, spent. She felt below where it hurt. Where it throbbed with pain.

What did you do to me?” Judy finally said to the man, her voice quivering.
He turned to look at her. His face was blank, like he didn't realize what he had just done.

Right then, the
stone at the entrance rolled away, and another man walked in. 2 bulky demons followed him on his either side. Judy instinctively pulled a sheet and covered herself up with it.

This man, who just walked in, had a radiant smile on his face. He was bald and wore a formal suit that she had seen some humans wear. He looked at her and then turned to the demons who had followed him and said with a loud laugh,
“Leave us, will you? You are
making her uncomfortable!”
The demons looked questioningly at each other, but then obediently turned around and left.
This man in the suit moved closer to the bed. He was charismatic. Judy found him to be very familiar. Yes, she had seen him before. She had seen pictures of him in some of the books up at Commissure. Yes, she was sure who he was. He was Lucifer.

The fairyland, which she later found out was called Commissure, was not exactly what she had expected. It was not a dreamland for kids. And to be exact, there were no kids there. In fact, she was the first kid, the first human even, to ever be there.

As soon as she was there, the fairies flocked around her. They had of course seen kids before, but never awake, never like this.

They sang songs. They danced with her. They played games. They laughed. It was the happiest time of Judy's life.

But then the tooth fairy who had brought her there, who she will later find out was called Daisy, told her,
“Its almost morning on Earth. Are you ready to go back?”
“Go back!?” Judy said. The thought hadn't struck her that she would have to go back.
“Of course! Your parents are going to miss you.” Clayton, the head fairy, said with a laugh.
No, they wont!” Judy said.
The fairies looked at each other. They had been watching her for weeks. They knew about her parents.
“Nevertheless, you must go back.” said Daisy breaking the silence.
“Promise me you will bring me back.” Judy said. The fairies exchanged glances.
“Very well. We promise.” Clayton finally said.

A week later, Daisy was back to take Judy to Commissure again. And so was she the week after that. In fact, it became a weekly affair and Judy would look forward to the weekends when she got to go to the Commissure.

The collector fairies who collected the coins would also bring back cakes and sweets so that they can give it to Judy. For Judy, Commisure was slowly turning into the fairyland she had read about in her book.

But at home, things were getting worse. The fights seemed to get more fierce and more physical. Her father punched her mother and knocked her out before storming out of the house. A few days later, her mother had bashed an empty beer bottle on his head. The fights scared Judy. The noises frightened her. She would lock herself up in her room and wait till the fight was over.
Then, at the end of one of her visit at Commissure, Judy put her foot down and said something that made everybody gasp:
“I dont want to go back. I want to stay here! I want to become a tooth fairy!”

“Sorry I am a bit late,” said Lucifer with his full toothed smile.
Judy was too scared to say anything.
The man, or the demon, beside her got up from the bed and stood beside it with his head hung down. At first he was buck naked, but then slowly tiny black scales rose up from his skin and covered him. His face turned into what she had seen it to be just a few moments earlier.
Lucifer suddenly seemed ecstatic, walked over to him, and with his hand on his shoulder said,
“I hope you have done your job well, Saul!”

Saul didn't say anything. He continued to look at the ground. Lucifer let out another laugh.
Lucifer turned to Judy and tugged at her blanket. She pulled on it tighter.
“Relax.” said Lucifer with his full toothed smile again, and she felt herself hypnotically letting go of the blanket.

How can such a handsome man be Lucifer, she thought. The picture in the book looked so dull, so unattractive, as if they made it to be so intentionally. The book has got to be wrong. This man cannot be Lucifer!

After pulling the blanket away, Lucifer placed his palm over her pubic area. She flinched. She still felt the pulsating pain. His brows bunched up into a frown and he slipped into a moment of intense concentration. His hand slowly moved up to the lower part of her abdomen. That is when she felt something. Something inside her. Something tiny. Struggling. He took his hand away, and Judy saw what looked like a tiny lump raise from her skin. It quivered. It was something pushing from inside her, like it was trying to break free and get out. It gave up after a few seconds and disappeared underneath. Then it appeared again, but a few inches away. And that's when she felt the pain. An intense sharp pain. She screamed and curled up into a fetal position. Lucifer stood up straight and smiled, satisfied.

When Lucifer turned, God cursed and banished him and his followers from his sight. Lucifer retreated to the corners of the universe in search of planets with life. Lucifer found pleasure in manipulating the beings on those planets and setting them on a path towards self-destruction.

Lucifer, just like the angels, lacked the gift to create life. The life that existed was the ones that God had created billions of years ago and that spread throughout the universe through means such as asteroid and comet impacts. God would then create the laws of nature that set in motion the process of evolution.

For a while, God had directed the evolution on Earth to go the way he wanted it to go. When humans had finally evolved into what they were today, he was proud of them. He considered them as his own children. But as time went by, he moved on to other things. He would go on to monitor life on other planets and experiment with them. If humans were to meet God, they would probably call him a super physicist and a genius mathematician.

The last time God interfered with the events on Earth was thousands of years ago. Some of the angels thought that may be God had lost his interest in Earth, that he had forgotten about it, but some thought that God was just busy with his other interests, but would eventually return to Earth. Besides, thousands of years is nothing when you consider the billions of years that God had existed. A thousand years is to God what a mere Earth minute is to a human.

To God, Earth had always held a special place. In fact, it was because of Earth and his love for humans that led to the falling out between Lucifer and God. God would then explicitly warn Lucifer that he nor his followers were to ever destroy or take a life by their own hands.

As time passed by, Lucifer found out that he can manipulate the thoughts of the mortals, weaken their will, and make them do the killing for him. And God let him do this because he had made a promise to never interfere with a being's will.

But this left room for accidents. One wrong step, one wrong judgment on Lucifer's part, and there could be an all out war between him and God.

Even though a lot of God's angels had joined Lucifer, a few other angels had reached an entirely different conclusion. They decided that they didn't want to be on either of their sides. They formed an independent neutral group of their own. They called themselves The Exiles.

The leader of The Exiles, Titus, had talked with God, and then later with Lucifer, and had reached an agreement: They would take over few planetary systems and stay away from either of their businesses.

And so it was.

While all the planets on their planetary systems had no life, The Exiles had stumbled upon a planet right outside their territory which did harbor intelligent life. It occupied the unclaimed space: A part of the universe that wasn't actively monitored by God nor taken over by Lucifer. The Exiles started to keep an eye on the planet and its inhabitants. As time went by, they grew more interested in the matters of the mortals and had began to subtly interfere in their lives. They even gave the planet a name: Zeirem.

One day, The Exiles noticed Lucifer's army headed towards the planet. It was obvious they had come to pander it. The Exiles interfered. Instead of a war, they resorted to talking it out. Lucifer himself showed up and talked to Titus. It was finally agreed that Lucifer would leave the planet alone, but in return The Exiles would have to help him if there ever was a need.

A short while later, Lucifer had asked for their help to spy on one of God's angels. Something that Lucifer nor his followers could ever do. They were tainted by God's curse and would instantly be recognized. But not The Exiles. The Exiles could turn into anyone. Upon completion of the mission, Lucifer had released a planetary system from his own hold to theirs.

Another one of the things that The Exiles were good at were finding beings. It was another thing that the demons were not good at. Lucifer's followers lacked the patience and the discipline for such undertakings. Some think that God's curse had turned them to be so, while some believe that only the ones who were already so to begin with where the ones who ended up joining Lucifer in the first place.

Charles of The Exiles had successfully carried out some of the missions that Lucifer had put forward to them. And, it was about 2 weeks ago that Charles was summoned to Titus' chambers.


The tooth fairies were taken aback to hear what the little girl had just said. It was something they had never thought about. They loved her. They worried about her. They made sure she had a great time whenever she came to Commissure. Almost as if they were trying to make up for the guilt they felt for not being able to do anything about her earthly situation. But to turn her into a tooth fairy?? Was it even possible??

Its not that simple, little one.” Clayton said.
The little girl looked down disappointed.
You are just a little girl. There are a lot of things you don't understand yet,” Clayton continued, “Now Daisy will take you back home. We will see you next week.”
Daisy caught the disappointed girl's hand and left for Earth.

It was all what the fairies talked about over the next week: A human desiring to become a tooth fairy.

Is it impossible?” Daisy had asked Clayton.
“No. But its never been done before. I don't think we understand all the complexities of such a transformation.”
Pray do turn her. We will be doing her a favor.” Daisy pleaded.

The next week, a still saddened Judy was taken to Clayton's chambers.
“Do you still wish to be a tooth fairy?” Clayton asked.
But understand this, you will lose everything from your earthly life. You will be erased from human history. It would be like you were never born. Are you ready to give up all that to become a tooth fairy? Take your time to...”
Yes, I do!” The little girl exclaimed.

Titus sat on his chair slumped over. Charles had never seen him like this. The look on his face signified intense pain.

“You asked for me, Titus?”
“Ah, yes, Charles. I have a mission of utmost importance for you. And I am giving it to you because I want it to be very discreet.”
Of course, Titus. What is it that you wish me to do?”
Titus moved uncomfortably in his seat, then clearing his throat said,
“The subject is Judy, a tooth fairy. You must find her and take her to Lucifer's dwelling on Earth.”
“Judy?? I thought she was a legend! And...... by 'taking her,' do you mean kidnap her?”
Titus searched for words. Charles continued,
“Does God's laws even apply to tooth fairies? This sounds too tricky.”
“And that's exactly why I chose you to do this job, Charles.” added Titus.
“I am sorry, but I find this wrong on many levels. I think we will be delivering her to her demise. And we don't know how God will answer to that.”
Do you remember Zeirem? Lucifer spared the planet in return for a favor. And when he did ask us for all those favors, he gave us other planetary systems in reward. I was starting to think he had forgotten about Zeirem, but it seems he was saving it for something special. Something like this. He told me that if we don't deliver this tooth fairy to him, he was going to take over Zeirem.”
That's.....” Charles took a deep breath. “We should go to God. Tell him about this. Ask him for protection.”
“There's too much life in the universe. Do you really think God is going to care about Zeirem? If anything, things could get worse. This could set off some kind of war, and we would be caught right in the middle of it.”
Charles sat down on one of the chairs thoughtfully.
“This is going to be tough. We will have to find her when she's on Earth doing her duties. And her gifts would make it almost impossible to take her.”
Charles, remember that she is...... unique. She has to have her weaknesses. You just need to find out what they are.”
Charles nodded unpleasantly.

And remember, Charles, most importantly, be discreet. And quick. We don't want God's angels to find out anything about this. You finish this and get out of there!”


She curled up in a fetal position and hugged her knees. It felt as if a razor blade was rapidly moving about in her and cutting up her insides. She bit into the blanket to stop herself from screaming. She had never felt pain like this before. In fact, she hadn't felt pain as long as she could remember.

Lucifer and Saul had left a while ago leaving her behind in the room. She wished her gifts would come back so that she can go to Commisure. She was sure Clayton would know what to do and how to make this stop.

Beyond the deafening throbbing in her ears, she heard distant murmurs. She turned her sweaty head and looked at the entrance of the room. The door was open, and at the mouth of the entrance stood one of Lucifer's demons telling something of urgency to the two demons that were standing guard. Listening to him, they both left in a hurry. Something serious was happening. May be someone was coming to save her.

The guard who had delivered the message, then walked into the room and towards her.

Getting close, she realized that it was Charles. His entire body including his wings was a dark shade of black. She once again remembered how angels were good at disguising themselves. Charles brought out a black cloak from under one of his wings and said,
“Quick! Put this on!”

She stretched out her hand to take it, but then stopped when she noticed her hand tremor. It seemed weak. She had never felt this way before.

“Hurry!!” said Charles shoving the cloak to her.
She managed to get up, but was still hunched over in pain and managed to put it on. He made sure that her wings were hidden under the cloak.

“We need to move quickly, but not quick enough to arouse suspicion,” he said.

She nodded, but her vision was starting to get blurry.
He grabbed her hand and guided her out of the room. They walked through the corridors. The demons who passed them by ignored them. The dim light from the fire torches failed to give them a clear picture. They all walked past them without a second glance.

Judy felt the thing inside her grow. The pain was worse now. She placed her palm on her stomach and felt a huge lump struggling to move around almost as if it was running out of space to do so.

“Just a little bit more.” Charles said sensing her resistance.

2 demons were about to pass them by. They were chatting excitedly about Lucifer's ingenious plan to finally destroy Earth. Charles felt a pull on his arm. He found Judy on her knees, too weak to stand up. She held her stomach and let out a cry of pain.

The demons stopped in their tracks. A look of recognition enveloped their faces.
“Stop right there!” one of them shouted.

From the corner of his eyes, Charles saw 2 more demons run into the corridor on the other side and essentially trapping them.


To be continued.

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