Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Not-So-Amazing Superguy! - A Superhero Short Story.

Counsellor:  How are you feeling today?

Superguy:  Just look at me!! I am bald, out of shape, and of all the people in the world, this so-called Destiny chose me to be a superhero!

C: We have already gone over this last week, Superguy. Anything else you wanna get off your chest?

Sg:  Did I tell you how all the bad guys are always good-looking?  I mean, not even one of them is bald! And they all look fucking fit.  Its almost as if they were models getting their photoshoots done and then out of the blue decided to take over the world!

C:  So you aren't happy with the way you look.

Sg:  Just look at me, man! Just fucking look at me! I try combing my hair over my bald spot, but the moment I take off into the air, it slips out of its place.

C: May be you shouldn’t be so worried about your looks.

Sg:  Shouldn't be worried??? I am a superhero for crying out loud.  I am expected to be good-looking. The other day, I caught this little girl falling off a bridge.  So I catch her and fly up to the bridge.  The mother turns around, sees me holding her daughter, and starts swinging her bag at me and chase me down the road.

C:  Why?

Sg:  Well for starters, she didn't realize that her daughter had fallen off the bridge and that I had just saved her. And secondly, I am guessing she thought I am some kind of a bald pervert or something!  Man, she wouldn't even let me explain!

C:  I heard you have this new villian, The MindReader. Do you want to talk about him?

Sg:  The MindReader! That freak and his fucking sidekick is making my life miserable!  I mean, that asshole can literally read my fucking mind. He knows my thoughts. My secrets.  My fucking everything!

C:  Read your mind?

Sg:  Ya man! A few weeks back, the fucker called me by my real name. I mean, no one fucking knows my real name. And then he kidnaps my parents. And last week, he left this girl I used to date on the train tracks with her hands and legs all tied up!

C:  Lets talk about your personal life. Did you meet anybody special?

Sg:  Well, ya! I met this girl a few weeks back.  We went on a few dates. But with this fucking MindReader around, I couldn't risk thinking much about her. So I told her to give me some time till I take care of some shit.

C:  Oh, new development! We never talked about this before. How did you meet her. Any shared interests?

Sg:  Well, I met her at this bookshop near her house on Hudson Road. But like I said, I am trying to keep it all a bit hush-hush, you know, with this MindReader fucker around.  I like her a lot.  I think she might be the one.

C:  I am very happy to hear this Superguy! May I know the name of this young lady?

W: Her name is Anne. She’s got a beautiful smile.

C:  Once again, I am glad to hear this, Superguy, but I am afraid this is all the time we have for today.

Superguy stands up and stretches.
“Thanks for listening to me vent it all out, Thomas. I guess I will be on my way now.”
“See you next week, Superguy.”

With that, Superguy flew out an open window of Dr. Thomas’ clinic.  Dr. Thomas stood by the window and watched Superguy's form gradually shrink and vanish into the blue sky.  He then quickly walked over to the next room and opened a door which revealed stairs going down to the basement.
A kid in a weird suit sat in front of a huge computer screen.  He removed his earphones when he saw Dr. Thomas climb down the stairs.
“Did you find Anne?” said Dr. Thomas.

“Yup! Got the address right here!” the kid said pointing at the screen.

“Good! Lets see if Superguy can save her life!!”

Dr. Thomas then proceeded to don his suit which read "MindReader" across its chest.


- Rejo John

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