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The Metro Murderer

The Metro Murderer had the entire city in a state of utter fear.  The murders took place in the beginning of the year 2013. Within 4 months, a total of 14 murders were linked to the murderer.  The victims were mostly people returning home late at night.  They were stabbed right in the heart dying instantly.

One of the most notable of the murders took place on January 14, 2013, down in an underground metro station that had been newly constructed and was waiting to be inaugurated.  This was the only double homicide by him, and it cemented his name as the Metro Murderer.


It was about 11 p.m.  Even though the metro service hadn't begun operating yet, people still used the underground passageways as a shortcut to get to the other side of the huge mall under which the metro station had been built.

By 11, the place was more or less deserted.  A middle-aged man was seen walking down the platform carrying a plastic bag in one of his hands.  Suddenly, the place resounded with the ringing of a phone, and it jolted the middle-aged man out of this deep thoughts.

It wasn't his cellphone.  It was a payphone on the wall close-by.

The man stopped for a moment, looked at the phone, then looked around expecting someone to come running from one of the sideways and pick it up.  May be one of the maintenance guys.  A few more seconds went by and nobody was in sight.  The middle-aged man finally took a step towards the phone, but then the phone, just as suddenly, had stopped ringing.

Just when he was about to turn away and continue walking, it started to ring again.  This time, he promptly walked towards it and picked it up.

"Hello! This is the police control room!" It said. "We need your help!  There was a murder just a couple of minutes ago pretty close to where this payphone is!  We need you to stay calm and try to stop the murderer from leaving the area!  Our men are on their way and will be there in a few minutes!"

Then there was a pause.  The man just stood there starting to panic.

"Hello? Are you there!?" the voice said again.

"Y... yes." the man replied.

"Ok, we got the murder on a surveillance camera.  The killer is about 6 feet tall and wearing a brown jacket.  Do you get that!?"

But the man had stopped listening at that point, because right then he could see a man walking down the platform towards him.  The man was about 6 feet tall and had a brown jacket on.  The phone slipped out of the middle-aged man's hand.

The middle-aged man stood planted on the spot as if he couldn't move his body.  The man wearing the jacket was closer now, about 10 feet away.  The man with the jacket stopped, looked at the middle aged guy, and shouted,

"What are you looking at?!?"

The middle-aged man, instead of looking away or may be try and make a run for it, continued to stare at the murderer.

"What?  You going to hit me?" said the man with the brown jacket stepping up towards the middle-aged man.  Surprisingly, the middle-aged man jumped at him and they both fell on the ground and a struggle followed.  Just then, another person came running out from a sideway shouting,

"SIR, ITS A PRANK! YOU CAN LET GO! ITS JUST A PRANK!" The guy was laughing as he shouted this.  And when he noticed that they both continued to struggle, he, still laughing, grabbed the middle-aged man by the shoulders and tried to gently pull him off his friend.  The man struggled a bit, but then finally let go of the guy wearing the jacket.  The man, who was laughing, was suddenly laughing no more.  Because he had just realized that his friend was covered in blood and the middle-aged man had a bloody knife in his hand.


The guy kneeled over his friend, who by then had blood gushing out of his mouth.

"Oh no, quick, lets get him to a hospital!" the friend said getting more horrified when his friend in the jacket suddenly went limp.

"What do you mean, its a prank??" the middle-aged man asked sitting on the floor shocked.  He still had the bloody knife in his hand.

"We were secretly filming it for our Youtube channel. Com'on! Hurry! Hold him!"

"Call the others to help!" the middle-aged man said.

"There are no 'others'.  Its just us both.  I made the call with my cellphone." he replied quickly, at the same time putting his friend's arm on his shoulder and trying to pull him up.

"Ok, then, let me help!" the middle-aged man went around to the friend who was trying to lift the other up and stabbed him repeatedly into his chest with the same knife.  With a muffled scream, the friend too fell on the floor.  A pool of blood surrounded them and it kept growing.

The middle-aged guy went over to his plastic bag that was near the payphone and pulled out a towel with which he wiped his hands off the blood, then wrapped the towel around the knife and placed it inside the bag.  Then he walked around to the sideway mumbling something under his breath.  He found a camera propped up on a tripod.  He grabbed the camera and threw away the tripod in a room nearby which looked like a store room.

He then put the camera in his plastic bag, and with a last glimpse at the 2 limp bodies covered in blood, turned away and started walking.


It was the only double homicide by him and it cemented his name as the Metro Murderer. The last of his murders took place on April 27th.  Investigations are still ongoing.  The police do not have any suspects yet.

The Metro Murderer - A Short Story
- Rejo John

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