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"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.  Shes not worth your time, buddy.  I am sure there is someone out there waiting for you. "  says my roommate to Akash, who just had a breakup with his girlfriend.

I really hate that quote.  Because it works both ways.

Ok, let me try to explain this with my own story.  The story of my childhood.  The story of the first time I fell in love.

It must have been in my eight grade.  I sat in the class wearing a clean pressed uniform and my  hair trimmed short.  I took utmost care of my looks back then.  I wanted to look as handsome as possible.

Then, as usual on time, she walked into the class.  I sat up and put on a radiant smile hoping to catch her attention.  But, as usual, I didn't.  She walked to the front of the class and declared,
"Alright, settle down guys!"

Ya, I guess you figured it out.  My first love was my 8th grade teacher.

Dressed in an yellow churidhaar and a red bindi on her forehead, she looked beautiful as ever!

"Alright guys, why don't I give you a unit test today?" she said.

Groans were heard throughout the class.

"Alright settle down now.  Take a sheet of paper and start answering these questions." she said turning to the board and starting to write questions on it.

With her back turned, some of my friends were trying to sneak a peek into their text books and get the answers for the questions, but I just sat there watching her graciously move herself as she wrote the questions across the board.

This was the most favorite part of my school days.  The highlight of my day.  To sit there and look at her for an hour.

After writing the questions, she sat down in front the board and started reading some book.

To tell you the truth, I had no idea what the answers were, so I just sat there doodling on my page in-between the times I spent gazing at her beautiful face.  Then, all of a sudden, this idea hit me:  I decided to write her a letter proclaiming my love to her.

"Ma'am, you are very beautiful and I really love you.  I know I am a bit younger than you, but I will really take care of you.  We have a really huge house in my native place.  We can get married and go live there happily.  Its very beautiful there and I am sure you will love it.  We will be very happy there."

That was more or less the gist of what I wrote, but what I wrote filled up the entire test paper.

"Alright guys, time's over.  Don't forget to write your name on the paper.  I will come collect it now." she said.

Of course, by then, I was having a nervous breakdown.  I realized what I had done.  Imagine if my parents came to know about this!

My first instinct was to replace it with some other paper.  But before I could do anything she was right next to me and grabbed my paper and went on to collect the other's and then walked back to her desk.  And thats when I realized that I hadn't written my name on it, so there was no way that it could be traced back to me.

A fucking genius!

Just then, the bell rang and I walked back home with a grin on my face.

Next day, she turned up with a stern look on her face.  The first thing she did was to hand out all the graded papers.

Groans were heard throughout the class.

Of course I didn't get mine.

Then she folded her hands and said,
"Alright, who didn't get their paper?"

I knew what she was up to.  She had my paper with her, and she knew that the person who didn't get the paper was the one who wrote it.  I wasn't stupid that I would actu....
"Dude, where is your paper??" my stupid friend sitting next to me asked with wide open eyes.

I told him to shut the hell up.  He jumped up and shouted pointing at me,
"Ma'am, he didn't get his paper!!"

The fucking asshole!

She looked at me with an even sterner look.  Then she ordered me to follow her.  I followed her out of the class and into the teacher's staff room.  There was nobody else in the staff room.  She walked to the corner where her table was, opened a drawer, pulled out my paper, and said,
"Is this yours??"

I stared down at my feet and stayed mum.

"Is this yours?? Answer me!" she said again.

To tell the truth, I was getting pretty scared by then.  I looked up at her and nodded my head.

Then, to my surprise, she started laughing.  The exact words she used trying to control her laughter were:  "So cute!"

I just stood there feeling embarrassed.  She continued laughing for sometime and finally said,
"Actually I am a bit relieved.  I thought all you guys hated me.  Glad to know at least one of my pupils love me."

"Please don't tell my parents," is all I said standing there like a little scared boy.

She gave me back the letter, which I folded and hid in my pocket, and we went back to class.

It was on my way back to class that I remembered that she hadn't answered my question in the letter as to whether she would like to marry me or not.  I decided it better to ask her some other time.

Everyday I would sit expectantly waiting for her to show me some sign that she loved me too.  But there was none.  She treated me just the way she treated every one of her other students.

I continued to secretly love her throughout my school life, and then the time came to finish school and move on.  It was a very difficult time for me, but as years passed on, I slowly forgot about her.  But still, every now and then, I would remember her, but it never hurts as much as it had back then.

Then one day, I met her.  Like the cliche in the movies, I met her in a fucking supermarket.

"Ma'am!" I said with overflowing joy.

She looked at me confused and a bit scared.  I was disappointed she didn't recognize me.  I quickly went on to say that I was a student in her class.  She forced out a smile, but I could make out that she still didn't recognize me.  She asked me what I was doing then.  I told her that I was pursuing my graduation.

"That's good." she said forcing out another smile.

Before I could say anything else, just like in that fucking ad you see on the TV, this little girl came running to her screaming, "Mummmiieee!"

She picked up this little girl, and the little girl starts saying,

"Mummy, please buy me this toy! I want it!"

"You already have lots of toys at home! No more toys!" said a man walking towards to us.

You are probably gonna laugh at this, but I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces at that point.  I stood there trying to smile and hoping they didn't notice that I was actually starting to tear up a bit.

"Well, it was nice meeting you.  Keep up the good work." She said looking a bit more scared now because of the mixed emotions on my face, then turned around and walked away with her family.

And that was the last time I ever saw her.

Oh great! Now Akash is crying out loud.

"To the world you may be one person, but to ur teacher you will always be just one of her students!"  I shouted.  Oh fuck!  What the hell did I just tell them?!?

Both of them are now staring at me.

"What?" says one of them.

Without answering, I grab my laptop and stomp out of the room.

- Rejo John


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