Friday, June 21, 2013

Luke's Love - by Rejo and Manu

Luke stared at the empty bottle.  A few minutes ago, it was full.  He kept the bottle aside and took a sip of water to ease them down.

He laid back on his bed and began to read the letter he had given to Rani earlier in the day.  The letter in which he professed his undying love for her.  The letter in which he told her that the only good thing about his life was that everyday he got to dress up, come to work, and get to see her.  That she was the reason he lived.

This was not the first time he tried telling her this.  Many a times, he had tried talking with her.  He even tried IMing her.  But she always tactfully avoided him.

He had given this letter to Rani today.  In the afternoon, she had come over to his workstation, kept the letter on his desk, and just walked away without even looking at his face.

By now, he could feel his heart pounding at his ribs.  The pills had started to take effect.  He was having trouble keeping his eyes open.

He opened Facebook on his cellphone and browsed to her profile and then to her photos.  He was surprised she hadn't unfriended him yet.

He began to browse through her birthday photos.  He wanted to be looking at her when he died.

Just then, the phone buzzed.  He just received a message. It was from Rani:

Hi Luke. Your letter was very sweet. You know, I always liked you, and I think I have slowly fallen in love with you.  As you might have already noticed, I am very shy and the very thought of talking to you gives me an anxiety attack.  I am afraid that I will say something that will make you hate me.

Shall we meet for breakfast tomorrow?

Lets meet somewhere close to a hospital, so that in case I get an anxiety attack and blackout when I try talking to you, help will be closeby ;)

<3 Rani.

By the time Luke finished reading the message, his vision had started to go blurry.  Frantically, he tried to find his parent's number on the cell, but couldn't.

A few seconds later, he couldn't see anything.

Now his only hope was to get out and call for help and hopefully someone will take him to the hospital.

But as he stumbled towards the door, he began to feel his legs wobble.  The last thing he felt was his head hit the floor.


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