Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hard Choice. - A Short Story

It was a beautiful day with blue sky and big puffy white clouds.  Isamu took off from an island in the south Pacific on his plane.

"It's such a perfect day for flying, I just wish this moment never ends." He said to himself as he roared across the blue sky in his Yokosuka D4Y3.

Since he was a little kid, it was Isamu's dream to be a pilot; but today was different.

As he flew over the vast expanse of the Pacific, he spotted a convoy of ships. "THAT'S AMERICAN!!," he cried over the radio to his wingmen.  He quickly chose a ship and aligned his plane to it and dived straight into it amidst a barrage of anti aircraft fire resulting in a huge explosion sinking the ship and killing everyone onboard...


by Manu and Rejo.

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