Monday, June 24, 2013

The Mystery Illness - A Short Story

The doctors didn't know what was wrong with him.  Many times during the day, he would feel a piercing pain run through his body, almost as if someone was plunging a sword into him.

The only thing that gave him any relief was his beautiful wife's touch.When he screamed out in pain, leaving whatever it was that she was doing, she would come running to him.  As soon as her tender hands touched him, the pain would leave him.

He was no longer strong enough to get out of bed.  And whenever she was with him, he would hold onto her hands as long as he could.  Afraid that whatever it is, will happen again.

Eventually, when he lets her go, she would walk into the next room.  Then, she would take out a limp doll and pierce a long sharp needle into it.

As she hears him scream, she has a smirk on her face.


By Manu and Rejo

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